Why Online Learning is better than Traditional Learning Methods

Learning Teeline Shorthand online was a new concept in 2003 when we first pioneered our online system. OnlineShorthand.com was developed to provide learners all over the world with unique opportunities to undertake shorthand training simply, and conveniently, online. Check out our learners locations or read what they have to say about the programmes.

Background information

OnlineShorthand.com was set up following a period of academic research into distance learning, carried out by Elaine Galloway, which culminated in the award of a Masters Degree by the University of York. Having kept abreast of the huge advances in technology, whilst teaching multimedia to students registered on Higher Education programmes at the University of Durham, Elaine realised the potential of what could be achieved.

Together with Ranjit Sambhi, a well qualified and talented graduate from the University of Teesside, they set about embracing the findings of Elaine's Research, with the features that the new technology afforded. They pioneered this innovatory virtual learning platform which was, in 2003, unique.

As a result of our research focus, we have evidence that students can learn the theory of Teeline Shorthand using our online resources and develop speed to 60 wpm after 60 to 90 hours of study. Thereafter, once sound theory is established, speed is relatively fast to develop. Approximately, 10 to 15 hours of study will result in the development of an additional 10 wpm.

Some colleges have now dropped all forms of shorthand from the curriculum, so it is comforting for learners to find that they can now benefit from Teeline Shorthand training online which is even more accessible and convenient than traditional methods of learning the subject.

We believe that our attitudes, ideas, feedback and support are what really count to our learners ensuring that we continue to provide an exemplary mode of learning from home, school, college, university or the workplace.

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