Our Testimonals

"I found the online shorthand system a brilliant way to learn. It fits well with a busy and unpredictable working schedule, and I found to my surprise, it's actually quite fun. Of course there's no getting away from the need to put the hours of practice in. But the flexibility of the online resources makes it very easy to tap in regularly at your own convenience.

The telephone tutorials help to keep a focus and give a sense of regular progress with a real person. The encouragement I received was excellent and I found I quickly developed speed and confidence".
John Sudworth - Broadcast Journalist, London
When Caroline Vaughan, PA to a major newspaper Production Director, missed out the start of a college shorthand course the first person she called was Angela Austin at the NUJ in Glasgow.

Assistant Organsier Angela, who is in charge of all NUJ training courses in Scotland, put her straight in touch with the online course which journalists all over the UK are signing up for.

The course - Reuters journos are among those on the books - surprised and impressed Caroline. She said "The college courses had already started and the NUJ opened the door for me to get started immediately online. Elaine Galloway, my tutor, is so helpful and full of praise and encouragement."

"I talk to her by phone every week and every student can go at his or her own pace. I'm actually enjoying it and learning at the same time."
The Scottish Journalist Newsletter Feb 2004
"In general, I thought it was very good. I was surprised how easy it was to learn outside of the classroom setting and the resources you have set up are really amazing. I also felt the flexibility to rearrange classes was very valuable ..."
Friedel Rother
"The course was perfect for a busy working person who likes individual instruction and the ability to progress at one's own pace. The web-based resources added enormous value to a well-organised programme ..."

"I really did like the way you set up and ran the course and am enjoying the use of the web resources immensely!..."
Burton Frierson
"This is a very exciting way of learning!"
Susannah Osborne - Freelance Journalist, London
"Elaine Galloway has broken new ground in the training of shorthand. The journalism trainers at Reuters were searching for a way to teach shorthand worldwide, in remote locations and across different timezones... foreign correspondents simply cannot be at one place at a specific time - news wrecks all timetables."

"In the profession of journalism, many believed shorthand distance learning was not possible; Elaine proved it could be done."
Keith Stafford Training Director - Reuters
"I needed to take a refresher course in Teeline shorthand and investigated the options, but needed something that fitted into my working life. I didn't want to sign up for a traditional college course that involved sitting at a desk every week, but surprisingly, this is what some business shorthand courses still expect students to do.

"Elaine Galloway's method of teaching shorthand wins hands down over others, and is brilliantly designed to fit today's business world. Because of the way Elaine cleverly combines the use of the internet, telephone and textbooks as learning tools, students can study absolutely anywhere and at any time, without getting bored. Her method is fun and flexible, and - most importantly - it works."
Jill Boulton Recruitment Editor - The Scotsman
"I, like many others, didn't manage to reach the 100wpm benchmark needed during my 20 week NCTJ course. In my case, this was due to shear bone idleness."

"There was little chance I was going to be able to pass the 100wpm test off my own back. So, when I heard about Elaine's course, I gave her a call and decided to give it a go. I'm very glad I did too, because it proved to be remarkably effective. By using the broad range of teaching methods on offer on the internet-based course, I passed the 100wpm NCTJ exam in an external test at my company's head office within 10 weeks."

"When I first enrolled on the course, the first teaching tool that grabbed me was the time trial games, in which you have to identify the shorthand outline in as short a time as possible. I also printed out all the worksheets, which are clear and well set out. But probably the most effective tools are the masses of online timed speeches and Elaine's tutorials over the phone on a weekly basis, or more often if required. She was fantastic at communicating exactly what needed to be done to improve my shorthand speed."

"All in all, it is a well set-out package which should get the most hopeless shorthand case up to speed pretty quickly."
George Hinton - Ripon Today
"The great thing about OnlineShorthand.com is that it is extremely flexible. You learn when you want to learn. As a broadcast journalist working in a 24-hour news environment, any course that ties me into fixed times or locations is a non-starter.

Having all the resources you need to develop your Teeline skills located on the web is a fantastic idea. It means that you can study whenever and wherever you want - ideal if you are out and about.

The audio files for practicing dictation passages means there is no need to lumber around cassettes or walkmans. It is literally a case of click-and-go. I have been able to access the resources over the web from Spain and Italy without any problems whatsoever.

The tutorials with my personal tutor allowed me to ask questions about parts of the theory that were not clear and gave me confidence that I was making progress and that all my efforts were paying off.

In short, the course is fun, flexible and ideally tailored to the needs and work requirements of a journalist."
Mark Kinver - Broadcast Journalist, London
"I first learned Teeline Shorthand 17 years ago but was never really happy taking down notes at speed. As a result, my shorthand fell into decline. After beginning lessons with OnlineShorthand.com in March I reached a speed of 70 wpm with 98 per cent accuracy within 3 months.

This has been achieved whilst I was travelling around the UK, accessing the website from my laptop and having regular tutorials with my personal tutor.

The website is well put together. My tutor was exceptionally good, full of practical advice and encouragement. The dictation passages were the biggest help in building speed. It was like having a shorthand tutor on call 24 hours a day. I have now regained my confidence with shorthand and feel that a real breakthrough has been made. Would happily recommend onlineshorthand.com to any trainee journalist - and the not so young ones whose shorthand is not as good as it should be."
Alison Rowat - Freelance Journalist
"After a year of working away at shorthand (Teeline Revised Version from tapes and the text book) on site at a well known training institution, I was not getting anywhere.

There was no shorthand tutor directly available or even contactable by phone; one had to make an appointment for a meeting which then occurred a fortnight or so later. One was entitled to such meetings. I had one meeting, that person I met with had some knowledge of shorthand, but not any great interest or, as far as I was concerned, any particular understanding of what it takes to teach oneself shorthand.

So self discipline and motivation were key factors here; but, often, under pressure of work (I edit a fortnightly insurance publication), I would often miss scheduled sessions for weeks on end.

One was not allowed to take home the course work or dictation tapes. Then it would take another week to get myself back to the level where I had left off. But with OnlineShorthand.com, the coursework, dictation passages, time trials and other drills are always available online at home or at work. And the course is highly structured; so one always knows what to do next and for how long."

Then there are the weekly tutorial sessions with my personal tutor (who is steeped in the cultures and histories of both Pitman's and Teeline shorthand) to assess progress. These sessions, despite my tutor's gentle approach, can be quite sobering but there is nothing like these tutorials for strengthening resolve and focusing the mind. But importantly, my tutor is always only an email or telephone call away and always ready with gentle encouragement, advice or alternative strategies to rise above a plateau.

I have just passed my 80 wpm with distinction and I am now working towards 100 wpm."
Rasaad Jamie - Editor, London
"When I first started learning shorthand I attended set weekly classes.

I would finish work at 5pm and travel 30 miles to attend my lesson, quite often not returning home until 9pm.

Since I started the Online Shorthand course, studying has been much easier, more flexible and ideal for a working person.

One of the great benefits is having all the tools available at the touch of a button and being able to access dictations without the need of a tape recorder.

Under Elaine Galloway's tutorials my shorthand has improved quickly and has put me on target to reach my goal of 100 words per minute.

I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to learn shorthand."
James Trembath - Selby Post
"I was blown away by your system ..."
Stacey Wakeling - PA, London
"I first heard about OnlineShorthand.com through the National Union of Journalists. I had taught myself the theory of Teeline shorthand from a book, but I wanted to do a course that would help me build up my speed. Under Elaine Galloway's direction I succeeded in improving my speed from 60 to 100 words per minute".

"The great advantage of the internet-based course was that I did not have to attend set classes, but could access the website and arrange tutorials at times that suited me. This was particularly helpful because I work full time in a demanding role as a broadcast journalist. I would happily recommend OnlineShorthand.com to anyone else who wants to learn shorthand or develop their speed".
Andrew McFadyen - Broadcast Journalist, London
"The online shorthand resources were a useful addition to our face-to-face sessions. The time trials were especially popular with the students, many of whom were very eager to compete against each other so that they could climb their way up to the top of the leader board. The site was easy to navigate and there was a good variety of activities".
Marie Cartwright - Sheffield College, UK
"Thanks again for all your help as I feel I've made more progress since starting your online course than I had done in the previous six months! ... I'm pleased I've managed to nudge my way into the top of some of the time trials!"
Thomas McGuigan - Broadcast Journalist, Scotland
"In my opinion OnlineShorthand.com offers an unbeatable service.

If it had not been for the website and the support provided by my personal tutor I am certain I would not yet have been anywhere near achieving my goal of 100 wpm.

As it is, in 15 weeks I went from 70 wpm to over 100 wpm and passed my exam with confidence.

The website is comprehensive, easy to use and provides much more than just pieces of dictation.

For me the Time Trials, e-Pen and Virtual Notebook not only provided added stimulation but also helped increase the speed with which I learned outlines and began to write faster.

Probably the most important aspect of the course was that there were no set times I had to be online.

I could log on for 20 minutes in my lunch break, do an hours shorthand after coming back late in the evening from a council meeting or even get up that bit earlier and ensure that I did my practice for the day.

With any distance learning there is always a greater degree of self-motivation needed than when sitting in a classroom but my tutor was always on the other end of the phone or contactable by e-mail when I needed her.

By following the scheme of work set out at my induction I was able to progress quickly and steadily and with regular feedback on my transcriptions I was able to rectify any errors before they became ingrained.

The ability to move up a speed as soon as I felt ready with just the click of a mouse was also invaluable as it meant I could push myself that little bit more."
Dominic Chessum - Trainee Journalist
"... I passed the 80 with distinction!! Woohoo!! ... Thank you for all your help getting me there!"
Jocelyn Cook - University of Brighton, UK
"The OnlineShorthand.com course took me from zero shorthand to 70 wpm - and still going - while working in a busy evening paper. I now use Teeline on a day-to-day basis whereas before I was struggling to make sense of scribbled longhand.

The teaching methods are varied and I was surprised how quickly I picked up the theory and began to build up speed. As an online hack I found the resources particularly handy and I had access to them whenever I needed.

My online tutor was also very understanding with my personal circumstances and in my case extended the time of the course to allow me to catch up and continue learning.

I would recommend the course to anyone who needs to learn shorthand while working in the industry; it's the ideal way to fit the study into your everyday life and the tutor's enthusiasm helps keep you committed."
John Davidson - Online Journalist, Glasgow
" ... Online Shorthand was both enjoyable and rewarding. I managed to complete 2 semesters of work in 1 as I enjoyed it so much. You can do as little or as much as you like at a pace which suits you. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to learn shorthand."
Cheryl Herring - Southern Electric
... yesterday at the Old Bailey, my shorthand was put to the test in a very public manner. We were all sitting in the press benches at a pre-trial hearing when the judge asked for a shorthand note to be taken about an order she had given. She asked specifically if there was anyone here from my newspaper and I was forced to put my hand up and she then proceeded to tell me what to write. There's no way I would have managed it a year ago ..."
Newspaper Journalist London
"At the beginning of the course, I never imagined how much I would progress, how much I would learn and enjoy the shorthand.

I only had a limited period in which to do the course; the course was planned and adapted to suit my requirements.

The resources were very good, very accessible and extremely helpful and constructive to learning shorthand.

The care, guidance, advice and support were amazing."
Ethna Brave - Student, Ireland
"Resources are easy to use and follow … I liked that I could organise my lessons around my day. The relaxed pace of the course was also good as it helped push you to learn."
Jessica Longacre - Thatcham Mirrc
"I liked the variation of learning – online, textbook and the personal remote tutorials which made the learning interesting and engaging. This was particularly useful in home learning online. I liked everything about the course."
Anjana Parmar - Arts Council England
"The speed development was particularly useful and the Time Trials were fun and a welcome break from writing."
Darren Willsher - Journalist, EM
"I liked the variety of learning resources, so that it did not become repetitive or boring and also the way that online learning fitted into a busy office."
Louise Kerr - Journalist, Scotland
"I am really pleased. I never believed I would pick up this skill so quickly. It really has made a difference to my life. Overall the course content and feedback was excellent. It really motivated me to use Teeline more in everyday life to boost my speed. The support I received on this course was excellent. My tutor’s support and motivation really gave me the drive to use Teeline and improve my speed."
Maria Banks - PA, Milton Keynes
"My tutor has been a fantastic teacher – helpful and patient with a friendly manner – nothing was too much for her in helping me build this new skill."
Susan Loader - PR Officer, Lincolnshire Council
"I got all the support I needed and I felt that the website was a fantastic way to help learning, as it used other tools rather than just dictation. So you felt like you were being supported even when not in touch with your tutor. Plus she always came back to me very quickly whenever I had any queries."

"I liked the fact that it was so flexible. Due to busy work and home life I couldn’t have done a structured course. So one to one sessions along with the opportunity to dip in and out of the website was ideal for me. There wasn’t anything I disliked."
Claire Wilson - Journalist, London
"The standard of my shorthand skill has improved markedly, more than I expected."
Matthew Pennington - Bangkok, Thailand
"The online resources together with the book were excellent, the whiteboard was great."
Amy Wood - North East Lincolnshire Council
"This has got me off to a flying start with learning shorthand. Exactly what I was looking for".

"I liked learning what felt like a different language! It’s extremely interesting watching everything you are learning coming together and it is very rewarding".
Kerry Willson - PA, Financial Times, London
"The course was professional and excellently conducted. My tutor was supportive and always provided constructive criticism and encouragement."
Ruth Habel - PA, Lloyds of London
"I was really proud of how far I came. I remember the first time I had a lesson with my personal tutor, I thought to myself how on earth will I be able to do this. But with a lot of hours and practise I can’t believe I made it to 80 wpm. I am so proud and happy."

"I found that my tutor explained everything very well. I always knew what I was meant to be doing and when I was feeling the pressure, she always reassured me … even when I felt like I would never get it, she believed in me and pushed me on."

"I had a unique situation. I live in New Zealand but moved to England for 6 months then onto Mallorca, Spain and home in between to visit family. I had a lot of movement and disruption. Plus, I have a 2 year old son. I found this programme was great as it fitted around my very busy and crammed schedule."
Melissa Chandler - Student New Zealand
"I really liked the online materials. They are very thorough. The dictations are great. I liked the whiteboard too."

"My tutor found a way of fast tracking the course in time for my work experience in a newsroom. I liked the way the tutor focused on the positives. I felt very encouraged to keep trying."

"I now feel confident that I can interview people for newspaper stories and easily and accurately record what they say."
Christabel Earl - Student New Zealand
"This course was tailored to me and around my work schedule and I was able to do this at my desk. My tutor was excellent and understanding. I would recommend anyone to do shorthand online."
Melanie Saxton - Hesley Group Ltd
"Attaining my 100 wpm meant that I could take my senior journalist exams, which, if passed, will lead to a promotion and pay-rise. I struggled with shorthand through my NCTJ course at university and after a year abroad, had to start again at 60 wpm when I started my new job at the Northern Echo."

"My tutor’s help and guidance was a constant source of support and I appreciated her experienced analysis of my shorthand and her advice on how to improve. A week before I was due to take my 100 wpm exam, I broke my wrist, so was unable to write for two months. Once I got the all clear from the doctor, I started practising, sometimes having to stop because my wrist cramped up. Once fully recovered, I was able to really build up my speed and in May I took two NCTJ shorthand exams at 100 wpm, passing them both. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help of my tutor and her team. My shorthand means that I can now write accurately while conducting interviews and while attending council meetings and court hearings."
Will Roberts - Journalist, Darlington
"The online package as a whole is extremely well set up and user friendly with the added benefit of the tutor sessions which were excellent, as was the support and encouragement I received. "
Dawn Hunt - PA, Hosokawa Micron
"I was pleased that the learning was done at a pace to suit me, no major pressure. I also liked doing the tutorials (using the phone and the internet). The feedback was very constructive."
Amanda Wright - PA, BGL Group
"I have exceeded my expectations with learning shorthand over the last 17 weeks. I looked very much forward to the remote tutorial sessions after working very hard for 3 – 4 weeks on my own. It was encouraging to hear a voice. The only other thing I can say is that it was very demanding indeed to complete the required units of theory on time. I felt I did not have time to practice enough before moving onto the next unit. That said, I would not have come this far, so it has been worthwhile and I have the summer to go over it again."
Anne Wilson - PA, Contour Housing Group
"I loved the course as I could go at my own pace and it was handy to dabble on the website when I had a spare few minutes. The website is fab. My tutor’s feedback was always constructive and speedy … the support received was invaluable."
Jane Sparkhall - PA, Magnox