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Online shorthand courses

If you are serious about learning Teeline Shorthand, regular, short practice sessions are vitally important to gain maximum benefit from the time you spend practising. Once registered, you will receive an email, containing your personal password, which is active on receipt. Your licence entitles you to site access 24 / 7, allowing you to practise whenever, and wherever it is convenient. You will quickly develop competence.

All of our Teeline Shorthand courses include varying levels of tutorial support because we recognise that each learner is unique. In a recent post-course evaluation, 100% of our learners graded as Outstanding/Good, the way in which their programmes were structured to their precise requirements. In addition, they constantly tell us that they benefit from the individual tutorial guidance and constructive feedback AND, in the same evaluation, 100% of respondents declared that the Constructive Feedback element of their programme was also Outstanding/Good.

Comprehensive details of our shorthand courses are listed below:

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Educational Establishments

We welcome enquiries for block registrations.

Please complete the contact form stating your precise requirements and a member of staff will be in contact to assist you further.