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We have a range of Teeline Shorthand courses online, to suit all requirements. In an era when more and more educational establishments are excluding shorthand from the curriculum we have the perfect solution online. Ours is a personalised training service which puts the learner and their unique needs first, enabling individuals to achieve their full potential.

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Whether you are a student, a journalist, an employer, a PA, or simply want to enhance your writing skills, there is a Teeline Shorthand course here for you.

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We provide e-learning for all levels of Teeline Shorthand writing ability, including courses at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Each course takes a nominal 17 weeks to complete with each student’s personal structured learning plan.

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"After a year of working away at shorthand (Teeline Revised Version from tapes and the text book) on site at a well known training institution, I was not getting anywhere. There was no shorthand tutor directly available or even contactable by phone; one had to make an appointment for a meeting which then occurred a fortnight or so later. One was entitled to such meetings. I had one meeting, that person I met with had some knowledge of shorthand, but not any great interest or, as far as I was concerned, any particular understanding of what it takes to teach oneself shorthand. So self discipline and motivation were key factors here; but, often, under pressure of work (I edit a fortnightly insurance publication), I would often miss scheduled sessions for weeks on end. One was not allowed to take home the course work or dictation tapes. Then it would take another week to get myself back to the level where I had left off. But with OnlineShorthand.com, the coursework, dictation passages, time trials and other drills are always available online at home or at work. And the course is highly structured; so one always knows what to do next and for how long." Then there are the weekly tutorial sessions with my personal tutor (who is steeped in the cultures and histories of both Pitman's and Teeline shorthand) to assess progress. These sessions, despite my tutor's gentle approach, can be quite sobering but there is nothing like these tutorials for strengthening resolve and focusing the mind. But importantly, my tutor is always only an email or telephone call away and always ready with gentle encouragement, advice or alternative strategies to rise above a plateau. I have just passed my 80 wpm with distinction and I am now working towards 100 wpm."

Rasaad Jamie - Editor, London