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There is no doubt that learning Teeline Shorthand can be a daunting prospect but our learners continually impress us with the level of competence that they manage to achieve. Well done everyone! One student, Melissa Chandler tells her story:

Melissa Chandler

I did it! I passed at 80 wpm with 100% distinction in just 6 months.

I started shorthand when I was nearing the end of my Journalism Diploma. At the time I was living in England, but after a month I returned home to New Zealand.

My next move was to Spain where I have been living since. I have a two year old son who keeps me pretty busy, so trying to fit in learning shorthand seemed rather an impossible task especially when he sat on my knee trying to distract me.

I remember my first lesson online with my personal tutor; she was so positive and sure I was going to get through this.

After the call I remember staring into my textbook wondering what I had taken on and how on earth I would manage to write shorthand at all let alone at 80 wpm! Over the next six months I kept at it with 1-2 lessons a week and, much of my own time drilling and practicing each day. There were many times I felt frustrated with myself and thought I would never get it, but my tutor always encouraged me and believed if I kept pushing on and didn’t give up I could do it. Sure enough she was right, after a while it just clicked and started to happen for me. Then I slowly developed speed. Before I knew it, it was time for my final exam, and I did it, achieved 80wpm at the first attempt!

Having achieved my objective, I am really enjoying not having to study Teeline every day. I’m a sucker for punishment though as last night I started Spanish lessons!

Melissa & Taylin


It’s rewarding for us when we analyse the data that you provide for us in your completed learner evaluation documents. Your feedback is vitally important to us.

During 2009/2010, 78% rated both the quality of training and the quality of the online learning resources “Outstanding”. The remaining 22% responded “Good”. This is indeed gratifying. Thank you. As you can see from the chart below, there were no responses for “Satisfactory” or “Poor”.

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In this edition of the newsletter we are introducing a transcription competition for all of you who have learned the theory. We thought that you might like to read "The Story of Teeline" in Teeline! It’s in nine parts and was written originally in longhand by Mrs I C Hill.

Mrs Hill, who helped her husband James to promote Teeline, has written many Teeline books and is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement. She has given us permission to tell the story of Teeline.

Click here to view Part 1

The winner will be selected from all transcription entries during the first week in May. The transcript will appear in the Summer edition of the newsletter and the name of the winner will be identified.


Finally here is the Easter Card that we have chosen for you this year. Make sure that your volume is switched on, then click on the Easter Egg and enjoy the next 45 seconds.

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