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We've enjoyed another busy year with lots of successful learners mastering the theory of Teeline Shorthand as well as building speed and proficiency online. Special thanks to all of those who participated this year and kept me inspired by your keenness and willingness to learn.

More and more learners worldwide are excelling whilst holding down responsible posts. This year we have ventured into Cyprus for the first time thanks to the power of the Internet.

I wish you and your families every good wish for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year and hope that you will face the coming year invigorated and full of inspiration to take on all that lies ahead.



Having had so many remarkable successes this year, it has been a difficult choice but the worthy winner of The James Hill Award goes to Carol Ward who excelled.

Carol works in London, England and registered with us for the Intermediate semester. The expectation was that she would increase her speed from approximately 50 wpm to 80 wpm. But she exceeded our expectations (and hers) and managed to pass at 100 wpm with distinction in just 17 weeks.

Carol chose a Lamy pen as her prize and had this to say about her motivation and experiences:

"What a marvellous surprise to receive the James Hill Award 2010, especially knowing how challenging it was to get on even a bottom rung of your online speed ladder! Previously I had learned the fundamentals of Teeline although without any speed development, this remained around 40/50 wpm which had limited practical application. I remember how my mother was often called upon to take high speed shorthand at various meetings and thought if I could achieve just 80 wpm this might present new opportunities. The course was excellent; in particular I could follow it online both at home and during occasional quiet moments at work, plus practicing outlines and dictation (via mp3 player) during tube journeys. Also the website provided a really nice variety of exercises and most important of all were our telephone tutorials; the combination of steadily increased time trials and constructive feedback kept me motivated until I found myself achieving 100 wpm! I now routinely use Teeline for taking dictation and general notes both at work and during course tutorials and next year will be aiming for even higher speeds."

Lamy pen


We've analysed the data collected from our learners' feedback for the second part of 2010 and feel gratified, once again, that 100% of you have rated the quality of training as "Outstanding". For all of you who had fun learning in 2010 we look forward to the fun starting all over again in 2011!


The winner of the Easter transcription competition about the "Story of Teeline" is Jane Sparkhall. Those of you who have worked with us over the past 3 years will be familiar with the name. Jane was always competing at a high level in the Time Trials and was invariably the one to beat. Jane chose as her prize an audio collection of Jane Austen stories read by Jenny Agutter and others.

Here's the transcription, so that you can compare your attempt or, if you didn't transcribe it last time, read the first part of how Teeline began in longhand.

James Hill, the inventor of Teeline Shorthand, was a man to be admired. We also have to thank Mrs I C Hill, who worked tirelessly to ensure that his system was promoted and updated after his sudden death in 1971.


This is the second of nine parts originally written by Mrs Hill who has given us permission to tell the story of Teeline.

Click here to view Part 2 in Teeline

The winner of the first 100% accurate transcription will be selected from all transcription entries during the first week in April. The transcript will appear in the Easter edition of the newsletter and the name of the winner will be identified.


May 2011 prove to be a rewarding year for you all. Make sure that your volume is switched on, then click on the graphic below and enjoy the next 60 seconds.