Support - FAQs

System Requirements

To access the service you will require:

Windows 98, or above, and Internet Explorer 5.0 or above. If you do not have Internet Explorer, you can download the latest versions from

Macromedia FlashPlayer. This free plug-in is available to download from Click to install. If you are on a networked system, contact your system administrator.

Multimedia System. Please ensure that you have a sound card installed. This is compulsory in order to listen to the dictation passages. Speakers or headphones will also be required.

What connection rate do I require to access this service?

The service is ideal for broadband users. Users with Dual ISDN or a 56k modem can access this service, but it is not recommended. We recommend a 600k minimum broadband connection. This will enable you to benefit from the multimedia-rich provision available online.

I have an Apple Mac. Can I access the service?

Yes, this service is accessible on the Mac Platform.

Can I access the service if I am outside the UK & Republic of Ireland?

This service is available across the globe, providing the above requirements are met.

Course Requirements

Do I need to buy any equipment?

Yes. You will need to acquire Teeline Gold, the Course Book, published by Heinemann and a microphone with a headset for use on your computer.

Course Queries

How much time do I need to spend practising?

It really depends on the progress desired. There is a correlation between the time spent practising and the speed developed. As a general rule 10 – 15 hours of structured practise will lead to the development of 10 wpm.

I can write Teeline Shorthand already at 60 wpm but need to pass an examination at 100 wpm. How long will it take?

Assuming that your theory is sound at the outset, expect to develop 10 wpm after 10 – 15 hours of structured practise. Developing speed with Teeline is swift.

Will I get the tutorial support I'd get in a classroom?

Yes and more. Your one-to-one (or small group tutorials) will be scheduled to suit your own preference.

Are my hours limited?

No. You will have unlimited access to the online resources. If you register for one semester your password will be active for 17 weeks.

Are there term times?

No you can start on an online course anytime, although we do offer semester times.

Do you have to have a basic knowledge of shorthand in order to enrol?

No. Our beginners courses will be tailored to your needs.

Are you flexible when arranging personal tutorial times?

Tutorial times are negotiable and can be booked from 8 am – 8 pm GMT. Additional times can be arranged by special agreement.

What if I don't reach the required words per minute by the end of the semester?

We have already increased our semester times from 10 weeks to 17 weeks to give you additional time to achieve your goal. From our research into learning Teeline Shorthand using our online resources, we have found that you can cover the theory and develop speed to 60 wpm if you spend 60 – 90 hours practising.

This equates to approximately 3 - 5 hours per week over 17 weeks. If, after 17 weeks, you still need more time, you can enrol for an additional semester. The likelihood is that during this second semester you will make the transition from beginner to intermediate standard

Signing Up

I would like to sign up for the service - how do I do this?

If you would like to register on one of our courses, please click here.